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Get ready to advance your career AND

drive stronger content results!

Humanize Your Brand & Connect With Your Audience to 7x Engagements

Professional Development: Level-up Your Mindset, Framework & Skills

Improve & Retain Existing Team Without Having to Hire More People


Because You Want To Level-Up to a "Content Rockstar"


In an ideal world, you/r content team are high-level strategic thinkers that know how to humanize your brand to drive 7x engagements.


You have the right creative mindset to attract your ideal audience and build brand trust and loyalty through storytelling. 


You're viewed as top performers in the company, and brand storytelling is valued because it's driving business results and supporting multiple channel teams.


But, things don't always go our way, right?


  • Maybe you and your team are asked to deliver a lot for your company and it's hard to keep up.
  • Maybe your brand lacks a cohesive content strategy.

  • And you personally want to level-up your skills because you know you need to know these things to advance in your career.

  • Or, you realize you need to invest in figuring out next steps in your company's brand storytelling plans, but haven't had time to figure out how (yet), and need help integrating across the organization. 

  • And, you want your work to be valued so you love coming to work each day; attract leads; increase repeat & referral actions; or create a loved brand.
  • You're ready to think like Editorial Directors, but you/r team needs mentorship to step into their confidence.
  • And, in this competitive market, you're looking for ways to retain and attract top talent at your company.

Imagine having the skills, confidence and know-how to advance your brand storytelling.


  • You'll feel more empowered to build effective plans.
  • You'll enjoy your job more (and retain your top employees)!
  • You'll provide more value to your customers, who in turn will love your brand more. 
  • You/r team will be waaaay more focused, creatively-inspired and efficient.
  • And, you'll be viewed as an even more strategic leader than you already are. #GoYou

"I recommend working with Sarah on content strategy, brand storytelling, and the strategic development of programs to support purpose and mission. Learn from her, I guarantee she will make you think differently as she leans into her strengths of strategic thinking, organizational effectiveness and collaborative leadership."

Lisa B.

VP Media

Can't wait to guide you & your team

Hey, hey! I'm Sarah Panus: Minnesota mama, content strategist, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy, and owner of Kindred Speak. I help content marketers use brand storytelling to attract upper-funnel leads that drive lower-funnel results.


Using my signature F.E.D. Method (focus+empathy+data) I help marketing professionals think like Editorial Directors to humanize their brand and create winning brand storytelling strategies.


Having spent the majority of my 20+ year career leading content strategy on the corporate side, I understand the pressures you face. I come from a world managing up to $10M budgets, but know how to get scrappy too.


I want to help other creative brand storytelling professionals -- like YOU -- enjoy the feeling of more focus, prioritization, empowerment and confidence at work. 



"Sarah makes a difference and I highly recommend working with her. She has a unique talent using each department's strengths to build teamwork and achieve high-performance. She revolutionized the company's storytelling. This strategy contributed to improved sales by improving repeat, referral sales and drive new business."

Ronald D.

Loyalty Director

"Sarah's ability to take a complex initiative and break it down to simple, clear, relevant and compelling storytelling is remarkable. She's really creative, smart, agile and positive which makes her a true delight to work with!"


Jill C.


Brand Storytelling Academy®


A hands-on 3-month group training program designed to help brand content marketers attract top-funnel leads that drive bottom-funnel results through storytelling.


For a fraction of the cost to hire a person on the team, or onboard a high-level brand storytelling strategist, you, or up to 5 people on your team, can be developing & accelerating your brand storytelling skills.


Think of it like a college certification program for you & your team -- but you get the knowledge a lot quicker, and your "professor" has 20 years of hands-on experience.



"Her energy to make things happen is contagious and it helped us achieve great goals. Sarah is highly focused, positive, detail oriented, and adds value with every decision she makes. She has an exceptional ability to grow brands through creative and strategic storytelling."


Stephanie G. 
Thrive Global


$4,875 per person

($26,625 value)

  • 100% virtual, 3-month hands-on training program led by 20-year expert, Sarah Panus. 

  • Companies or individuals sign up to reserve 1, 3, or 5 people spots.
  • Each group cohort has no more than 10 people total. No direct competitors in same group.

  • Training is provided through a mix of pre-recorded and live online modules. 
  • Participate in weekly 60-90 minute calls, to review and discuss weekly projects to advance your business & career. 


Plus! These Bonuses to Help Drive Quicker Results



Need extra arms & legs to get stuff D-O-N-E?! How’s a quick win sound? Book your spot in BSA within 3 weeks of your sales call and get a free half-day of work done by Sarah herself (a VIP Day Rate) to help check something off your to-do list. ($1,250 value)



Get private access to Sarah during weekly 1:1 Voxer office hours. ($7,500 value)



Submit your work each week for personalized critiques and feedback from Sarah herself. ($7,500 value)



15+ brand storytelling templates and frameworks to help you quickly plan, organize and merchandise. ($1,500+ value)



Engage with the whole group any time you want through a private Slack community.



By purchasing you're ALSO helping rescue kids trapped in child trafficking

As a mom, I'm extremely passionate about helping kids. It sickens me that today, there are more people living in slavery than at any other time in history. ~10 MILLION KIDS ARE ENSLAVED TODAY. But, we can be part of changing that. I donate a portion of all my profits to the International Justice Mission to help fund child trafficking rescue missions and urgent needs. Together we can help fund freedom and create more news like this photo.

"We just completed a project with Sarah Panus and we could not have been happier. Her experience is extremely evident in the presentation and the plan she provided. She made me look exceptional by bringing her in."

Bryan W.

Digital Director

This IS for you if you can say yes to any of these:

  • You're a brand content marketer that wants to connect with your audience through editorial brand storytelling and need help to do it better.
  • You want to advance your brand storytelling skills for more empowerment, sanity & fulfillment. (i.e. you want to really like your job!) 

  • You're part of a content marketing or communications team at a B2C or Non-Profit company and you're ready to commit to advancing your career in a creative, hands-on group of people who get you. (note: B2Bers can still apply)

  • You want to create a more valuable interaction with your customers by learning how to humanize your brand.

  • Your brand lacks a cohesive content strategy or professional development opportunities.

  • You know you need to invest in figuring out a brand storytelling plan for your company, but haven't had the time to figure out how (yet), and need help integrating across the organization.

  • You want to retain and improve the team you have; attract leads; increase repeat & referral actions; and create a loved brand. 

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're not willing to commit during the 3-month program by participating in weekly calls, going through the online modules, and playing a hands-on role in advancing you(r) team's results.

  • You don't care about advancing you and your team's brand storytelling skills. 

  • You're looking for a writing course. BSA is about strategy and does not cover content writing.

Better Results Are Around the Corner

I can't wait to help you. I know exactly how it feels to want (and finally have) more thinking time to focus, strategize and develop your professional skills. To be energized by the work you're creating. It's exactly why I'm excited to dive in with you/r team!